mother, father please explain to me

Casey Anthony was found not guilty.

I find it hard to believe. For, as a mother myself, there is no way I wouldn’t have been frantic at the thought of my child being missing. Yet she declined to report it for 31 days.

And actually it was her mom who reported it – not Casey herself.

And even then, Casey still lied to the cops for months (years) about what happened.

After the verdict was read, Casey had the biggest grin on her face, and she hugged and celebrated with her attorneys as her mom and dad quietly left the court room without a smile, congratulations, or even a hug. This says a lot to me about Casey Anthony’s innocence in this matter.

I am not saying she purposefully murdered her daughter, maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. I am not even saying that she accidentally murdered Caylee. But all the happiness she showed, and the sadness her parents showed, all the lies she told, her entire demeanor about this tells me that she was guilty of neglecting her daughter Caylee, and of shirking the greatest responsibility and highest honor there is – of being a mom. That she, in fact, was responsible for Caylee’s death… and she didn’t care.

It makes me sad really. It makes me want to grab a hold of Dani and never let her go.

I have no concept of what Casey Anthony is feeling and why (HOW) she can just write her own daughter off.

Rest in Peace Caylee Anthony – I will never forget you. And I promise to give my daughter Dani all the love and support and kindness that you deserved and didn’t get from your own mommy…


One thought on “mother, father please explain to me

  1. You put it so nicely BJ. That’s right, give your little Dani all the love she needs and more! Give her what Caylee never had.

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