all the way to the end of the world

This is actually something I wrote the night before Hurricane Irene was expected to ravage the Delmarva Peninsula where Dani and I live. Although we were not hit as hard as the meteorologists expected and we in no way had as much damage as some places in North Carolina, Virginia, and Vermont did it was still very scary for a new mom. And so I would never forget… I decided to publish it here. And so…

As a lover of Mother Nature and the wrath she can inflict, I have always relished in the chance to witness more of her unending power. But as the weekend draws near, and her next threat is imminent in Hurricane Irene, I am finding myself more wary of the impending doom because for the first time I am a mom.

Since May 13, when my daughter Danica was born, a lot has changed in my life, as any parent knows. I spend my money on diapers and formula now instead of DVDs and computer games. I stay in Saturday nights to spend time with her instead of hanging out with friends.

And, when a massive storm system approaches such as Hurricane Irene, I worry about her welfare instead of preparing to celebrate with my customary cigar.

When I first heard about Hurricane Irene two days ago, my first thoughts were that this would be my daughter’s first major storm.

My second thoughts were “Do we have enough formula/diapers/bottled water/wipes?” Then “What do I need to do to protect our home so that she is safe?” And lastly “Will she notice anything different or will she still be safe and secure in her world?”

I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like if we had to evacuate. Prior to her birth, I knew that I needed to have the two cat carriers handy and a bag with bottled water, cat food, a flashlight and lots of batteries.

Now I know I have to pack at least a nice sized suitcase with diapers, clothing and blankets for her, formula, water, and all the other things that infants cannot live without.

And for the first time in my life I am realizing that I may not be able to stay where I am to protect my cats. It is a difficult thing to think about; leaving my cats behind, but it isn’t a difficult decision to make because Dani is my top priority.

So, as I write this article, I am making a last minute grocery list for the weekend and mental notes on how to secure our home to make sure we are prepared.

And I am hoping that Irene takes mercy on a new single mother who wants to keep all the lives she is responsible for safe and secure.