butterfly go ahead, and fly


So this is another big event in my Dani’s life… she will be away from her mommy for 4 days/3 nights… the longest time apart for us.

She seems to be handling it well though, better than mommy, although mommy isn’t doing too bad herself.

Grammy and Pap Pap took her 8 hours away to the beach with my sister and her two boys. Not only does Dani love the beach, anything water related really, but she has not had any ‘episodes’ of ‘i miss mommy’ or such.

Which is good… really it is. 🙂

Yes, I am sad being away from her… I miss her terribly.

But one of the most valuable lessons I plan to teach her is independence. I won’t be around forever, and there are few people you can really trust in this world so I want her to be able to take care of herself and to be a capable and productive member of society (in some way or another).

She is such an intelligent person and so beautiful.

She has so much to offer the world and I cannot wait to see what paths she chooses for herself.

She will be amazing!

Momma loves you to the moon and back Dani!


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