lazy days in the summertime

Here I am on my last day of vacation 2013, watching Dani and her friend Jacob fight over, well she’s 2, he’s 3 so just about everything. I feel like I should have gone to referee school. 🙂

This year I took my annual journey to Pittsburgh to see friends and family and daughters of friends. A Dave Matthews Concert was supposed to be in there somewhere but circumstances placed us elsewhere that night… i.e. someone left her ticket on her dresser 6 1/2 hours away.

Although it seems some lucky fan picked up a hitchhiker named Dave on her way to the same concert and he gave her front row tickets to the show so maybe I should have gone anyway?

Dave Hitchhikes to Own Concert with Fan

But good times were had by all anyway and Dani got to spend some time with her PA cousins while mommy had some adult time.

We finished off back in Baltimore, grateful for the break up in the trip. The way up was easy, the trip home not so much. But that is the life of a two year old.

I can say that the DVD player Santa brought her for Christmas last year came in very handy this trip.

So, a relaxing morning in, a dip in the pool this afternoon, and then Dani and I will be back on the road heading home. Mommy did factor in a day for decompression tomorrow before she goes back to work… oh, and of course for laundry. 🙂

a girl and her dog - bjrdesigns
a girl and her dog – bjrdesigns

One thought on “lazy days in the summertime

  1. had a wonderful time with you and Dani in the Burgh and wish this was more than just an annual trip (hint, hint – move here!!!!!). We were so happy to have you stay with us.
    Thanks for all the great times and the wonderful pictures you took. Everyone who sees the pic of Dani and Chaz on the porch step says you should enter it into a contest!!!!! Love you girl

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