Stella said daddy when you gonna put me in a song?

You may have noticed by now that all of my blog titles sound familiar… and you may not. If you do though, that means you are most likely a fan of Dave Matthews. And I purposefully pick lyrics – some popular, some not – from Dave Matthew’s songs that fit my post for the day… usually of course.

Sometimes I hear a particular Dave song on the radio and his lyrics speak to me and I have to blog about it.

And sometimes I start with an idea, something I want to say, and I go looking for the right lyrics in my vast Dave Matthews Band library.

And sometimes when I go looking, I end up blogging about something completely different… which I almost did today…

But back to topic.

Dave Matthews is very private about his home life but we do know that he has twin daughters, Stella and Grace. Grace was named after his sister who died before her namesake was born. Dave often sings about his sister and/or grace in the traditional meaning and his daughter Stella noticed.

So he wrote the song a couple years ago called Alligator Pie because his daughter “Stella said ‘daddy when you gonna put me in a song?'”.

Last night I had a similar experience with Dani.

She desperately wanted my attention but I was so involved in trying to put together my holiday cards that I was irritable with her and pushed her away. And I did this even knowing that because it was 2 days before Christmas, that the damn cards were not going to get there before Christmas anyway.

So, tonight I have to go home and apologize to my little girl. Because I never want her to think that I don’t have time for her and anything that she wants to share with me.

I always want her to know, at every possible minute of every possible day, that she is the most important anything in my life, she is my everything, and spending time with her is more important than anything else. Period.

And thus, I bid you all adieu and a Merry Christmas too (if you celebrate… if you don’t I wish you that as well) because this Christmas is all about Dani… as of midnight tonight, the cell phone will go off and the computer will go off until after Dani’s asleep Christmas night.

She deserves a day about her. Momma loves you Dani. Image

Happy Holidays to all!


One thought on “Stella said daddy when you gonna put me in a song?

  1. I love this. dont our daughters deserve a day about them,,,,but you deserve a day about you too…so dont ever forget that either..:) Im sure Dani knows she’s your compete heart. You’re an awesome mom.

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