you can’t always change the way things are

Two weeks ago I joined a writer’s guild, one that encourages us to write because we have to report in with our weekly word count. I did this hoping to get back to blogging but it didn’t work – I could list the reasons but there are several and my fingers are tired as it is from putting out fires at work all day.

And unfortunately, most of them were self-inflicted lol.

So, Grammy and Pap Pap took the mini-me to the local minor league baseball game today, it was a double header so they’ve been there all evening. I am enjoying some alone time and am tickled at how much daylight is still shinning in my window being that it is (or was at first draft) almost 8 pm.

Anyway, the writing group is called The Oxford Comma Writer’s Guild, named for the post out of which it was born. A post on which a few of us discussed whether the Oxford Comma was still used and whether it really was a real thing… of which the answers were sometimes and yes. If you don’t know what an Oxford Comma is you can read up on Wikipedia here. 🙂

Guild was specifically chosen so those of us (like me) who are always reaching for interesting extra curricular activities to put on our resume, could in fact put it on our resumes.

I spend many days at work coding, which is also a type of writing, it’s just the writing that pays the bills. It’s structured, technical, and logical.

{See that? I used an Oxford Comma. :)}

Sometimes I enjoy writing code, sometimes I don’t. I find it quite satisfying to solve problems and make user’s jobs easier by gifting them with little forms and reports that I coded specifically for them. Often times my job involves digging through countless lines of code or data looking for that one single record or line that is bad… and that’s the part I don’t enjoy.

I also write reviews of products, musical groups, tv shows, movies, events, anything really, instructional manuals in varying subjects, poetry and short stories.

{No Oxford Comma. 🙂 I think?}

All writing has it’s challenges but at the end of the day it is the one thing I do for me. It’s how I express myself or don’t. And it is how I deal with, well, everything.

Or not.

Like the old saying goes…

“Never piss off a writer or you’ll end up in their next book… dead.”

Or something like that.