Such a Sad, Sad Home for You and Me

What is it about human beings that we always have to find ourselves “better” than someone else? A better human being, a person of higher class, our own life being worth more than the person standing next to us for some reason, any reason… be it race, gender, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, age, political affiliation, job, even human kindness can be bartered for increasing one’s life worth, at least to one’s self.

I think that’s the problem with humanity really, very few human beings are capable of true selflessness towards someone who is not important to us.

Like, anyone who is not already important to us becomes important because they are not as good as us. “Us” being a singular entity in this endeavor for self greatness that is. I only use “us” as a group to imply, in most cases correctly, that we all have this innate need, deep down, to be better than everyone else.

It’s something dark that is deep with in our humanity, or, maybe, that is one essential part of what makes us human, of what separates us from other lifeforms.