Men Don’t Get To Define Feminism

I am a feminist.


I believe 100% that there are serious, chronic, and damaging effects that patriarchy has had on human kind. Women have been oppressed and have not been treated as equals through 99% of history. We are the same… but different.

I’m not going to sit here and list all the reasons why women have been oppressed – open a history book, go to the movies, talk to any woman you know and ask them if they’ve ever experienced sexism, sexual harassment, or discrimination based on their gender. But don’t try to define feminism or what it means yourself unless you were born with a vagina.

I know you think you, as men, are helping but you are only enforcing the idea that the male voice and male opinion is more important than the female voice and female opinion.

You can’t undo history, men, but you can move forward and let women define their own movement. Let women define their own existence.

For once.


Paleofied Desserts by Lauren Pope

I have recently been reviewing ebooks and products on and I wanted to share this recipe book that I recently found on one of my review sites. It is called “Paleofied Desserts” by Lauren Pope and it is Fantastic!

Some of you already know that over the last few years I have been cutting meat and meat products out of my diet and my life and that I have switched to mainly non processed or raw foods. In part due to my personal health issues but mainly because the factory farming industry has turned us into environment destroying and sentient being torturing monsters. But that is a discussion for another day, I just want to share this wonderful recipe book that I found because I think many of you will love the recipes!

Although I don’t follow a Paleo diet it does have a lot in common with a raw vegan diet including no dairy, no soy, no processed foods, and an emphasis on greens. Since the paleo diet still consists of a large amount of meat products most of the Paleo cookbooks would not work for me but this one is different. As both diets eliminate dairy there is a good chance you will find something in this book that will work for you if you are vegan or raw vegan or just have problems digesting dairy.

There is also a whole section in the beginning of the book that gives some common substitutions like Ghee for Dairy Butter and Coconut Milk for Dairy Milk. This is exceptionally handy because you will be able to use this book to convert your favorite dessert (and some other) recipes so that you can stick to your paleo or raw vegan diet.

I can’t wait to try out the recipes in this book and I will be sure to post updates as I do and let you know how they turned out but for now, here‘s the link to the book on Amazon!