Men Don’t Get To Define Feminism

I am a feminist.


I believe 100% that there are serious, chronic, and damaging effects that patriarchy has had on human kind. Women have been oppressed and have not been treated as equals through 99% of history. We are the same… but different.

I’m not going to sit here and list all the reasons why women have been oppressed – open a history book, go to the movies, talk to any woman you know and ask them if they’ve ever experienced sexism, sexual harassment, or discrimination based on their gender. But don’t try to define feminism or what it means yourself unless you were born with a vagina.

I know you think you, as men, are helping but you are only enforcing the idea that the male voice and male opinion is more important than the female voice and female opinion.

You can’t undo history, men, but you can move forward and let women define their own movement. Let women define their own existence.

For once.


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