Adulting 101

When it comes to my daughter I’m willing to do anything.


For instance, I really hate being a grown up but yet… here I am.

Adulting and everything.

It sucks sometimes being an adult. I mean between bills, daycare, gas, and groceries I never really have much left over for me. Occasionally I’ll buy myself something but unless it’s shoes  (always buy good shoes that fit!), most of my stuff comes from the goodwill.

Hey, sometimes you can find a good deal there… rich people donate a lot of nice stuff!

Anyway, I need a little something for myself… it definitely means I’ll have to find a job all that much sooner, but there’s no way I’m documenting this road trip with my daughter on my cell phone. Even if it does have a good camera… for a cell phone.

I haven’t had a nice camera in a while so this is a treat. And I got a great deal on it from… 😉


Here’s to Adulting the only way I know how!



4 thoughts on “Adulting 101

  1. you have to treat yourself every now and then….otherwise we (adults even) tend to start resenting things. I think it would take a long time for you or me to resent anyone/anything but it can happen to anyone and I think that is one of the worst feelings a person can have. Not saying resenting Dani…but the responsibility maybe. You needed it and I am happy that you got it for yourself. ❤ you two.

  2. Yard sales + goodwill = 75% of my “stuff”. No shame.
    I get to choose how to spend my disposable income.
    But every now and again Amazon wins! 😜

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