One Definition of Insanity

Traveling across the country with a four year old may seem a bit insane to normal people but in case you haven’t realized yet…. I’m no where near normal. Thus, next week, I will pack almost everything I own, and my four year old, into my Suby and drive across the country.

I’m both excited and terrified but I remember the stories my parents have told me about the couple times we drove long distances across the United States when I was a kid and it’s always been something I wanted to do as an adult… with my own child.

The older I get the more I like my soft bed, personal shower, and reclining chair but I still love to be out in nature, barefoot, dancing in the light of the moon… just… within walking distance to my own toilet.

As a kid though, I really liked camping.

It was the one place my sisters and I were allowed to roam freely without being constantly supervised. There were always other kids and lots of fun activities like pine basket weaving and movies in the club house and dances at the pavilion.

So I guess I have to suck it up and get dirty every once in a while and use a public bathroom so I can take my own daughter on these, at one time, epic adventures. It’s important that I give her lots of fun memories because even if she may not remember all of them she’ll remember that I am her family.

And that families do stuff together.

But… we’re staying in hotels on this journey, it’s a little too cold to camp in March, lol.

And mommy needs some time to not have to clean up after and worry about cooking for a tornado like preschooler who loves most food, unless mommy just prepared it.

So wish us safe travels and we’ll share our journey as we go!


4 thoughts on “One Definition of Insanity

  1. I remember a lot of things from when I was four. And one was an epic trip across the Midwest….from Denver to Illinois. As well as a massive train trip with my mom too. Those are some of the best memories I have. ❤

  2. Driving to/from Colorado with my three several years ago will always be one of the highlights of my life. You got this momma. Enjoy the amazing ride together.

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