A New Beginning

Tomorrow is the day that Dani and I start our big adventure and drive across the northern US. We hope to eventually land someplace warm but for now we’re taking an extended vacation to visit friends and family.

I’m excited. But I’m also terrified.

I think if it was just me I would have left two weeks ago, and done anything I needed to do along the way. With a four-almost-five year old in tow it requires a little more planning.

I’ve only recently realized that I’m in this on my own, life that is, and this trip is the first big step. I’m low on funds after a few minor car repairs and a bike rack for my car so we’ll hopefully be able to stay with friends and family after we get back into the eastern time zone but until then, we’re on our own.

Dani and I have spent a lot of time together the last six months while I’ve been unemployed and we’ve learned a lot about each other. Mostly that we are both very independent people, but also that we love each other very much.

These next few weeks will be a time for us to enjoy each other’s company as we sing in the car to a variety of tunes from Dave Matthews to Favorite Kids Songs to Foo Fighters to Jamberry. We have a few destinations planned but I won’t share the locations until after we’ve passed through for safety’s sake. I will try to post every day and share some photos as we go though.  😉

This is the next leg of my journey… a time that I can reflect on my life and what I want and where I want to be. It’s a time that I can show my daughter just how strong women are and exactly what they can accomplish when they try.

Because this?

My life?

It’s all for her.


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