Strength in Numbers

Sometimes I am reminded how much people actually care about me and Dani.  When I tried to leave Facebook last week because I was so sad, some people actually hunted me down via other friends and family. I’ve been so caught up in all the negative emotions and threatening comments at home that I almost forgot that I have friends and family who will catch me when I fall.

One really good friend, whom I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting yet, offered to send money to my PayPal to help with my trip. I am so touched.

I may not have enough money to get to my final destination so I’ll humbly accept it. Usually I’m the one sending $20 to my friends to help them out but this time, I’m the one who is down and it’s not easy.

But I’m glad I am loved.

And if anyone else wants to help my PayPal is Dani will personally send thank yous and post cards.

Blessed Be.


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