I Forgive You and I’m Sorry

Breakups are never easy and when kids are involved is even more difficult because you have to worry about how everything you say and do affects them. It’s really hard not to be selfish and do what I always have done and that is exclude the person I was in a relationship with from my life, entirely.

But if I do that, then what am I teaching Dani?

How is that going to carry into her life, not just now but in the future?

I have to do better than that this time.

This is the first major relationship I have been in since my daughter was born and I have a lot of relationship issues. I don’t want to pass that on to my daughter. So we’ll both be seeing councilors when we get settled.

Until then, I know we have different views on the outcome of our relationship and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything I know I’ve done and everything I don’t.

And I forgive you.

Mainly for myself, so that I can one day find peace with the last 2 years, but I do.


2 thoughts on “I Forgive You and I’m Sorry

  1. look i felt soooo guilty when i left emmas dad and indulged Emma to the end because of that guilt she and Dani are smart they will see in the end that you put her, them, above everything else. I didnt see that the first year but its true. I had to forgive him and my my mother, to move on. But please know that this is right. Emma calls Shawn by his name but not dad but she knows the difference. He is there for her everyday. Dani knows you are there for her i know what you are thinking but remember it will always be you and Dani even when you find the man you want to make your family complete.

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