The rough days aren’t quite over but the further I get from Montana the stronger I feel. It’s hard to give up your entire life (and your daughter’s too), to allow your daughter to call someone Daddy, and then have him pull it all away like it was nothing. As if I didn’t already have problems trusting men as it was… I’m not sure that I’ll ever be able to trust again.

On top of everything, this totally screwed up my daughter’s comprehension of what a father should be. Now her first experience with a man, a dad, is a bad one. How will she ever trust men after this?

How will she ever trust a dad?

Especially one who won’t leave or kick her out?

Today’s a tough day, and we have a long drive so this may be my only post today.

Each day brings us father away from the last year… from Montana… from him.

I haven’t decided whether to allow him to stay in Dani’s life. He let us both down… maybe it’s just best to move on and forget… until this last month, he was always good to her… just not to me…

So it’s a tough decision. One I’m not sure I’m ready to make yet but I’m going to have to. Dani needs stability in her life. She needs people who don’t quit on her like this last one did.

If anyone wants to make a donation to our adventure, Dani will send a personal thank you and a post card from somewhere on our trip. Our PayPal is webmasterbjr@gmail.com…


2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Keep staying strong Boni! And I keep meaning to tell you that I love the picture at the top of your blog 😃

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