No Regrets

When you’re on the road for hours a day, you get a lot of time to think and reflect.  Especially if you travel at night so that your four year old will sleep most of the trip.

There’s a lot of things that I’ve been thinking about, mostly what I’m going to do when this trip is over. I’ve been offered jobs in 2, maybe 3, states and a beautiful condo in another so my options are definitely open.

I do know that Dani and I will be joining the local Ju Jitsu club when we return to Maryland and the Y so she can get back to swim lessons, she’s really missed those.

I know that I’m taking an auto mechanics course and I’m going to start working on my own car. I’m also going to finally finish learning to play the guitar, I only know 3 chords right now.


I’m going to see Dave Matthews live this year, some way, some how… I need that in my life.

The last year has been difficult, I gave up my friends and family for a man and it didn’t work out. I feel like a failure both as a girlfriend and a mom. But there’s no chance I ever wouldn’t have gone because that’s how I have always lived my life.

No regrets. Ever.


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