Just the Two of Us

A very dear friend recently reminded me that it will always be just me and Dani… and anyone else that comes into our life is just an “accent”.

It is quite the powerful message if you are someone in my current position.

She’s right, it is always just going to be just me and Dani, we are a family unit, and anyone else that we chose to remain in our lives or to be in our lives in the future is just a character in our play.

I forgot that for a while but I won’t forget again.

I am her mom and her only parent. I alone am responsible for what kind of person she grows into. I tried to let someone share the journey and for the second time in her life she was abandoned by the father figure in her life.

So from here on out, it’s just us. I am dating but it won’t go further. Her heart is more precious than mine and she won’t always move on as quickly as she did this time.

My first, and most important, job is raising a strong, caring, contributing member of society. And I love it. ❤


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