Night 1

The first night of our journey was a bit rough. I’d spent the majority of the day running around getting a bike rack and putting it on our Subaru. I’m happy to say that the bike rack and Dani’s Frozen bike both made it safely across country.

Mine did not, however.

Hopefully somewhere someone who really needed a bike came across it and now has a faster way to school or work. But that will be a story for another day.

I don’t remember most of the day light time but I do remember every minute of the 13 hours that we spent driving from Florence Montana to whatever city it was that we found when we finally got off route 212.

It was pure Hell.

Now, anyone who is not familiar with route 212 into South Dakota wouldn’t think twice about choosing it over the 50 mile longer jaunt on I-70. And in the daytime it is probably beautiful.

But from 2 am to 5 am it is dark and desolate. You may see 5 other cars on the road and they’ll probably be semis. I’m not sure, but I think it must travel thorough some of the local reservations because even when you saw an exit, there was usually a “No Services” sign with it.

Imagine traveling alone at night, along a secluded road, for three hours, with a 4 year old.

We hadn’t planned on traveling 13 hours the first day but the hotel canceled our reservations when we hadn’t shown up by 11pm. Even after I’d called and reminded them about the late check in.

Dani slept most of that time in the car while I fought off the sleep. It’s a good thing my cruise control didn’t work because I caught myself falling asleep once.

Since there was no one around it was easy for me to pull over and get out and walk around the car to wake myself up but I was very happy to finally see the end of route 212. And to find a hotel for the night.

One that didn’t give our room away. Lol

Anyway, it was a rough night for me but we survived. And once we were out of Montana and at a lower altitude, I was feeling much better.


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