Perspective is Everything


Often we all stay nice and secure in our own little worlds of illusion and we forget that not every one sees the world as we do. I, myself, am guilty of that.

Mostly it’s pain and hurt and fear of being hurt again that keeps us locked in that state but I really think it is necessary to move past that imaginary box and open our eyes to new situations and ideas.

Especially if our boxes are full of hate and bigotry.

I’ve often been described as angry and intolerant. And I am.

There are things, like sexism, bigotry, and racism, that I won’t be quiet about. It’s just the way I am. I am extremely intolerant of intolerance.

But… my anger doesn’t hurt anyone except me. Even when I’m angry at bigots.

It’s all about perspective. My view and how I feel about it isn’t going to change. And, usually, neither is the other person’s. The only thing I can change is myself… and my reactions.

And there’s only one way I’ll be at peace.


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