Change is Always Inevitable…

There have been some pretty big changes in my life from Christmas until now and sometimes I really can see the world spinning around me. I moved across country, I ended a physically and emotionally abusive relationship, I opened a new business (and possibly changed my entire career), and I enrolled my daughter (my baby… part princess, part ninja turtle) in kindergarten.

That last one was a doozy. Those of you who have done it before know what I mean… *wink

But none of that is anything I want to write about tonight. I’m really not sure what I want to blog yet, it’s one of those nights that I just start typing and hope something meaningful and life changing comes out as I go.

Most of the time, in these cases – stream of consiousness writing, I just feel lucky when the posts are coherent and readable but occasionally I write something that gets a lot of traffic, likes, and comments.

But, at 12:39 am, I don’t think that’s happening because I’m having a hard time keeping my eyelids detached from my eyeballs. So at that I’ll say goodnight…

… and sweet dreams to all.


4 thoughts on “Change is Always Inevitable…

    1. Hi Jatin. Dani is my daughter’s name. This blog is about my life after I was lucky enough to become her momma… although it has veered slightly off topic a bit lately… Thanks for following me 🙂

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