Bird Rescue 101

I’ve since found out that the bird I rescued from the middle if a busy road was actually an osprey. Fortunately, I know this wonderful photographer who allowed me to use one of his absolutely gorgeous images of a local osprey, so I wanted to update this post!

Jon Lloyd Jr. Photos


I’ve never been the type of person to stand idly by and watch someone or something suffer so when I came across a large bird in the middle of a busy intersection the other day I didn’t even think about it before pulling into the nearest parking lot and dashing across the road to rescue him or her. My daughter and mom were with me and, although my daughter is used to it, my mom probably thinks I’ve hit a new level of crazy.

After slamming the car into park and grabbing a box and the nearest soft jacket from the back seat, I ran across four lanes of traffic. The cars were now stopping to make way for me, but the poor bird didn’t get that privilege as s/he sat injured, in shock, and terrified in the middle of Nanticoke Rd. with cars flying by. Everyone wants to help, but it seemed either no one had time to be bothered or they were just to scared to take action to help.

I approached the bird slowly, speaking soft words of encouragement. Her eyes were full of fear but I gently dropped my daughter’s jacket over her wings and scooped her up, placing her as carefully as I could into the box I’d carried with me.

Half running, half fast walking, I made my way across the street to Pemberton Coffee House’s parking lot where I’d left my car murmuring words of encouragement as I did.

A man had parked next to me and was heading my way to help. I didn’t get his name but he said he was a bird guy. He helped me get the bird closer to the river and away from the maddening sounds of traffic so he could check her out.

She bit him a couple times but never made a move to bite me. A friend told me that this was probably because I have a way of making certain people and animals feel safe and secure. I think it’s because I told her I was going to help her and she believed me.

Once the bird guy checked her wings and her talons, he told me he thought it was more shock than injury. There was a small bit of blood on her right talon but nothing appeared to be broken and her wings still extended.

I was even able to take her injured talon and unwind the jacket from it with out even a scratch. My daughter insisted that I get her jacket back, of course.

She was able to finally fly away after about 15 minutes and, I have to say, it was one of the most graceful and breathtaking flights I have ever witnessed. I’ll never forget her.

I found out later that she was an Osprey, common here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Unfortunately, I was unable to snap a photo but I’ve included a beautiful photo from a friend of mine, Jon Lloyd Jr. Photos

Courtesy of Jon Lloyd Jr. Photos

Nature is my Goddess. Helping children of nature and standing up for those who can’t (or are to frightened to) is definitely my purpose.

I know this now.


Tri-State Bird Rescue

Jon Lloyd Jr. Photos


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