Photo Dreams

I’m feeling amazingly accomplished today because I was finally able to copyright and export my photos in Adobe Lightroom. It’s taken me two weeks of trial and error but thanks to my wonderful photographer friend at Dave Chance Photography and his helpful guidance, I am well on my way to being able to sell my photos. It’s not an easy program to use but then again, I really haven’t used any other professional editing program with any less effort.

So far, the only editing I’ve done is adding the copyright but most of the photos I worked on today did not require any lighting (or other) adjustment. I was trained in photo editing and restoration 15 years ago along with portrait photography and sports photography at a few different jobs I held over 10 years.

My photography journey began at Advantage Color Labs where I worked in the darkroom, as the primary chemical maintenance person for all the machines, in the portrait studio, and in the front of the store printing and editing photos. It was also here that I  learned the fine art of photo retouching (both by hand and digitally), photo restoration, and creating digital images from old photographs.

This was definitely one of my favorite jobs in my long list of “careers”.

From there I moved on to school photography, where I learned a substantial bit more about not only portrait photography but also group, event, fast action, and outdoor photography.

When I left the school photography business, I moved into a different line of work but it wasn’t because I didn’t like taking photos anymore, only that I couldn’t work for the owners of the business anymore, which is why I’m not mentioning their name.

Since then I’ve dabbled in shooting  pictures but the opportunity didn’t come up again until recently when I opened my own photography business – Photos by Boni… with a side of Boni’s Timey Wimey Photos for all the fun stuff. Bonus points for all of you who know where that second name came from. 😉

There’s nothing that brings me more peace than getting outside and taking photos – whether they be of people, animals, nature, buildings, or whatever. I really enjoy walking and hiking so my journeys usually start with a walk or a hike, or even a drive, and I am constantly shooting puctures as I go.

My daughter almost always accompanies me on my travels, except for portrait sittings because she doesn’t have the patience for those, and quite frequently she gets frustrated with the number of times I stop because something beautiful or interesting caught my eye and I had to get a few dozen shots from varying points of view or aperture/f-stop settings.

It’s frustrating for a four year old, who is always on the go, to have patience while mommy tries to get that perfect shot. Maybe I need to get her a camera of her very own?


Anyway, thanks Dave for your patience with a fumbling artist in the making. And to all of you, go check out his AMAZING photography at

Or you can check out mine on my Facebook page at or on Instagram as #photosbyboni.

I’m still working on my websites but I’ll post those links as soon as I have them ready!

Peace, Love, and Take Lots of Pictures!


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