Life is a Dream, not a Destination

I was reminded of this quote while having a conversation with a dear friend that I’ve known since college. We were roommates for a couple years and we worked together at Phillip’s Seafood at the beach. I had two roommates at that time and some of my best times have been with them… both then and now.

Things have been a little tough for me the last 15 months but it seems through a little daily meditation and writing… talking lots of photos… and a nice hike every other day or so… things are getting back to normal.

Well, my version of normal anyway, lol.

It’s now that I remind you what I’ve only recently been reminded of, from one of rock’s greatest, Steven Tyler… that “Life is a journey, not a destination…”

“…and I just can’t tell what tomorrow brings.”

Thanks K & C for ALL the amazing times! I love you both!


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