The Day the Doves Cried

So Prince died today.

Or the Artist formerly known as Prince.

But I’m sure you have already heard.

It seems that great musicians have been dying a lot in the last year. Lemmy, BB King, David Bowie, now Prince. There were others too… it’s just these are musicians that I have listened to for decades… since I was a child.

How awesome is it that we got to live in the age of such amazing rock legends?

Our grandchildren and children may not understand but I’m sure our grandparents and parents completely do. They have their own musical legends as well.

We spend our entire lives surrounded by music. It’s in our schools, in our doctor’s offices, on the phone while we wait for the person on the other end to pick up… shoot, it’s even in our elevators.

Music is an innate part of our lives. It calms us, lifts us up, reminds us of countless good and bad memories.

Death is just part of the cycle of life, though, and it doesn’t have to be an end by any means. Look at all the wonderful music these artists left us with. We have all of those wonderful life soundtracks to share with our future generations.

And that’s what really matters. What the people we love are left with.

And today… the doves are crying…

Prince (live) – When Doves Cry


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