don’t be an asshole

Why do men take it so hard when a woman refuses to go out with them?

In the last four weeks I’ve turned five guys down by telling them that there just wasn’t a romantic spark, at least not for me. I was cussed out and called a bitch by one, blocked by another, stalked by TWO of them, and the last one called me fat. Lol.

Like that is the worst thing I’ve ever been called. Fat. How inventive.


Are men so insecure that they have to attack when their romantic gestures are not returned?

Luckily I’ve met a couple men who don’t fit this mold and I have two new friends. One of which told me basically the same thing I told these guys, that he wasn’t interested in being more than just friends.

And I said ok. Wow. Which is what I expected as a response when I said it. But alas, once again, male entitlement rears it’s ugly head.


At least there are a few men out there who have evolved beyond the notion that just because they like a woman romantically that she’s obligated to fuck them. And to the rest…

Sorry, it’s not the 1950’s anymore guys; women are allowed to choose their own mates.



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