Shots & Back Pain

The weather is quite befitting of my mood today. I’ve been laid up in bed most of the day because of the pain in my back, which may or may not be more arthritis depending on which of my doctors you talk to.

And Dani had to get shots.

She did really well, although it was a bit more traumatizing than I remembered the last time being. Of course, she’s four  almost five, and everything is more dramatic than it was in earlier years.

I managed to appease her distinct dislike for me by immediately taking her for ice cream afterwards… it’s kind of a “shot” tradition for us. And now she’s laying quietly beside me watching Baby Alive videos on YouTube.

Thankfully I can say she won’t need anymore shots until she is 11 or 12, except for the annual flu shot. Shots for babies are just as, if not more, traumatic for the moms. We always want to take the pain away and I can honestly say after her scream from the first one, I just wanted to beat off the nurses with my handbag and rush out the door with my baby.

But I didn’t.

Because I know that the diseases they were vaccinating her for are way worse than the pain of the needle. I wish more mom’s didn’t fall for the scare tactics used by anti-vaxers but unfortunately, just one child who hasn’t had these vaccines, that is healthy enough to receive them, can jeopardize the health, and lives, of all the children who are not healthy and/or old enough to get vaccinated.

And no, I really don’t care to hear any debates about vaccinating children. I’ve done my research, thank you.

Still, shots are never easy and I think maybe the nurses who give them are the most traumatized of all. For they have to do it often, and once you give a child a shot… you can never get back into their grace.



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