Dani & the Dragon

Dani wasn’t a sweet little princess,
Nor was she always clean.
Her mane of hair was dirty blond
And also smudged were her knees.

Hard work she did from dusk ’til dawn,
And book learning after that.
She spent her days studying hard,
And her nights scrubbing flats.

For many years her town was scared
Of a snarly dragon of sorts.
With deep red eyes and snappish teeth
And breath of fiery snorts.

One day she awoke and gathered her thoughts, her bow, and some lunch.
And set out for this monster’s lair
To settle the score at once.

His lair was far and hard to find
But find it she did just that.
A tiny thing with pale blue eyes
This monster was small as a tack.

He trembled and sighed as she drew closer,
Holding her hands in plain sight.
For she knew that he was as scared as she,
And she didn’t want to start a fight.

His breath was warm and minty fresh,
And his eyes had a few small tears.
“It’s okay.” She said, moving slow
“I’m here to quiet your fears.”

“You’ve scared us so, you silly dragon.
We all thought you were so mean.
But from here on out, we’ll have a truce,
And this place you’ll be able to leave.”

Dani and the dragon talked all night.
Turns out her name is Floyd…
A truce was formed, by both sides,
And all parties were overjoyed.

…to be continued…


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