Fuck Your Opinions

I posted this cartoon a little while back because a dear friend shared it with me… thanks Kellie! And I share it whenever I find the need to express how I feel about men’s… and women’s, but mostly men’s… opinions of me.

Because, I really don’t give a fuck what any one with a penis thinks about me or how I live my life.

I don’t give a fuck what anyone with a vagina thinks about me either, but those with vaginas are less likely to interrupt me to explain to me how wrong I am… so, it’s a little different.

I pay even more attention to these unwarrented and unwanted male inferences into conversations since my daughter was born, but it’s been happening all my life. Men interrupt women more often than not… mostly to explain that the woman is wrong or that not all men are like that or that they (the men) are completely bored by all this talk of inequality.

Of course the male worshiping patriarchy affects a lot more than just a small portion of the male population and affects pretty much the entire female population… so, telling me that not all men are like that or that you’re bored isn’t going to do anything but prove my point.

And ladies don’t, in any way, insult the fragile male ego (sic) by telling them you don’t give a fuck what they think about something because, you know, women aren’t allowed to have an opinion unless it coincides with the popular male opinion.

So, to all you men out there that are pissed off right now… fuck your opinions.



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