Sad… but True

I knew the attacks would come… for standing with Amber.

I didn’t, however, expect that the most adamant and intelligent rebuttals would come from women. And from women who had been in similar situations.

But that just tells me how strongly embedded patriarchy is in our system.

Women are beaten, raped, and mentally tormented into submission… yet they should automatically go to the police? Because that’s the only way?

Unfortunately, the law enforcement industry has been 75% or more men ( Yes, I know these stats are from 2008, but things haven’t changed much in the last 8 years.

On top of that, police officers have often victim blamed on these situations BECAUSE THEY ARE REQUIRED TO DO SO UNDER LAW.

Things like this make it exceptionally difficult for a woman, or man, who has been raped and/or abused to come forward. These individuals were traumatized in the situation and then made to feel like a criminal themselves because they wanted the abuse to stop.

I will always stand on the side of the victim. Always. Regardless of gender.

But, the thing is, women didn’t get the right to vote in this country until 100 years ago. And when I was born, on 1972, women were still considered the property of their husbands.

All women want is to be treated equally under the eyes of the law. But the law has never been set up to protect women, it was always about the men.

Yes, in most cases, innocent until proven guilty works… but when it hinders the ability of law enforcement to protect and serve, some crimes are, indeed, a little more heinous.

Yes, women are human beings.

And, think what you want, but #IStandWithAmber


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