You Took Away My Self Worth

Just over a week ago I was defending myself to many who were critical of my reasons for standing with a certain domestic violence victim. Of which many of their well thought out and intelligent attacks focused on protecting the accused and not the victim. I passed on some statics and mentioned how laws work in our male-dominant society to no avail.

It’s okay. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Even if it’s wrong.

And, just to prove my point (that the Patrarchial world that we live in is extremely damaging and oppressive), this week, a 20 year old man that was CAUGHT IN THE ACT and CONVICTED… received a sentance of 6 months for his Rape of a 23 year old unconscious co-ed.


Because, egads, his fragile male existence might be crushed if he had to actually pay for his crime of RAPE.


But the very male judge “worried that a stiffer sentence would have a “severe impact” on the 20-year-old.” (The Washington Post)


What about what the damage #BrockTurner inflicted on the 23 year old, unconscious, woman??

I’m not going to sit here and list all the reasons why this sentence was so incredibly wrong and no where near fit the crime that #BrockTurner commited. The smart ones will figure it out for themselves… and any one else? I’d really rather not associate with you anymore.

I am, however, going to post her letter here so that maybe, maybe her trauma will be considered. Just this once. Just this once HER VOICE matters.

And please, please, please teach your children that it is not OK to rape.

Even if she is unconsious.

Even if she is drunk.

Even if she is naked.

Teach your boys that it IS NOT okay to have sex with someone WITH OUT THEIR CURRENT and PROLONGED CONSENT… or they will be A RAPIST!

And now… here’s a statement from the REAL victim…

“You Took Away My Self Worth”


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