Some days are better than others

I write this as I am sitting on my back deck, far enough from civilization that the one car I can hear in the middle of the night sounds miles away. I’m up again with heartburn, thankfully I’ll be able to pick up my prescription in a few hours and this should be the last night of ulcer pain for a while.

Most of my blog posts are stream of consciousness writing and there’s not much editing until the very end… and sometimes, as you know, grammatical mistakes and misunderstandings slip by my feabal brain. I try to go back and correct them but grammar has never been a strength of mine.

I can write, and I can edit… but, alas, I cannot edit what I write.

Sometimes I know what I want to say and it comes out prefect… Prefect? Too much HHGTG, lol. (That’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for you non-geeks.)

Sometimes I know what I want to say, and it doesn’t.

Sometimes… I don’t even know what I want to say… I just need to release.

I’ve been working on a few other writing projects also and almost have one finished, Dani & the Dragon. I just need to send it to the editors and “fine tune” it.

Yes, of course that means fix my grammatical errors…

I’ve even found an amazing talent to illustrate it for me. Paint Parties with Mandra… you should check out her Facebook page; you won’t regret it.

There’s also Halfway from Insanity: traveling across country with a four year old, which is a collection of stories from our road trip from the midwest back to the east coast. Probably one or the most liberating experiences of my life and quite educational. It’s more of a personal book of stories and photos that I’m writing for Dani but some of the stories I’ll share here too. (Normal is Only a Setting on the Washing Machine)

And, a few others. Stick around 😉


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