It’s Been a Long Time…

Since I started working again 3 weeks ago I haven’t been blogging as much. 


Or maybe not, lol.

The reason is that I commute 4-8 hours a day, and have been working 4 ten hour days so other than sleeping, not much else has been happening. Or, maybe, I’ve been to tired to notice that the world is still going on around me. 

That last part might just be true. 

I have a whole new respect for people who have been so committed to their jobs that they drive hours to get to work every day. I’m, mostly, just committed to my kid. 

I want her to have a mostly comfortable, but not to cushy, childhood and that is difficult to do on one income.

Do you know why there are two lines for parents on a birth certificate? 

Because there’s virtually no possibility of feeding, clothing, and housing a child/children and still having time to raise them on the average salary of one person in America today.

Thankfully the right opportunity landed in my lap. I love my job and it pays well enough for me to live in a rather comfy (and safe) neighborhood where my child can go to a good school with a diverse curriculum. 

Not everyone, not even every American, has had the same opportunities and conveniences that I have, though. I was not born male, but I was born most of the other “privileged” classes which means that, although my discriminations were not null and non-existent, they were limited compared to many others in this country. 

I am not thankful for this, I’m mostly embarrassed really. I detest the racial, homophibic, sexist, and ignorant history that is associated with my race… the human one. 

So, I remember this everyday. And although I have to take care of Dani first and foremost, I do plan to teach her about giving back and paying it forward. 

Maybe it was hard work… or maybe it was luck… or… maybe it was the color of my skin and my Christian upbringing…

It doesn’t matter anymore really because that shit exists whether I experienced it or not. 

And, it’s better, living life this way. 

Giving back.

Paying it forward.

So… have a day, my friends…


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