… is not a bad thing.

To leave a door ajar when there’s no chance you’ll ever walk back through, is.


I’m not like every one else.

I’ve always known it. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve known it. 

I’m anxious and rebellious and so many other things that are hard to define and even harder for me to understand because everyone else has always tried to force me to fit into this little box. 

And I don’t fit. 

I never have. 

It’s okay that I don’t fit into that box. Some of the best people I know don’t fit into that box. 

But it’s also okay to admit that my range outside that box is a tad bit more than just outside of normal and that maybe something else is needed. 

I don’t know if it’s meditation or medication or maybe more along the lines of self-discipline… but I’m going keep an open mind and keep my options open. 

Options are always good. 


There is not much that is more difficult for a mom than leaving her child when she doesn’t want to be left. 

Today was our second day at the day camp. She begged me to pick her up at 4 today because that’s when all the girl councilors leave for the day and she is left with only boy councilors. 

I’m hoping she makes a friend today, apparently she didn’t yesterday. Which I find hard to believe because she usually doesn’t have any trouble at all making friends. 

She talked our neighbor’s ear off last night for 35 minutes. It was their initial introduction. 

But today she was shy and her eyes pleading.

It was hard to kiss her head and tell her what a brave girl she is… And then walk away. I fought hard not to look back because we’d already done this scene once today. But I did good the second time and made it to the car… where I proceeded to bawl like a baby. 

I’ll probably treat her to Mcdonald’s tonight out of guilt for leaving her… but I really hope she has a better day than yesterday… more on that later. 

Meet Cute

My lunch date yesterday was quite fun and some what unexpected. I’ve been texting with a guy I met on-line and he wanted to take me to lunch yesterday. 

Needless to say, after the luck I’ve been having with other guys I’ve met on that site (see earlier posts), I was a bit hesitant to meet him. 

So I decided to take a walk instead. 

There are lots of beautiful photo ops in the city so I snapped a couple photos and sent them to him. Of course he recognized the photos because he’s lived and worked in DC for several years, and he asked if he could find me before my lunch was over, would I at least say hi? 

Thinking that the city was incredibly big and that there was no chance he’d be able to pinpoint my location because I was on the move and I was only a few blocks from work… I said yes… 

And 13 minutes later, who did I see approaching me in front of the Capitol lawn but a really cute guy… with a great smile. 

So, we had lunch and chatted and then I went back to work. We’re planning on doing it again next week so we will see what happens… I either have a very resourceful stalker or I will have an incredible “Meet-Cute” story to tell in the future. 

My own little version of “Where’s Waldo”…