There is not much that is more difficult for a mom than leaving her child when she doesn’t want to be left. 

Today was our second day at the day camp. She begged me to pick her up at 4 today because that’s when all the girl councilors leave for the day and she is left with only boy councilors. 

I’m hoping she makes a friend today, apparently she didn’t yesterday. Which I find hard to believe because she usually doesn’t have any trouble at all making friends. 

She talked our neighbor’s ear off last night for 35 minutes. It was their initial introduction. 

But today she was shy and her eyes pleading.

It was hard to kiss her head and tell her what a brave girl she is… And then walk away. I fought hard not to look back because we’d already done this scene once today. But I did good the second time and made it to the car… where I proceeded to bawl like a baby. 

I’ll probably treat her to Mcdonald’s tonight out of guilt for leaving her… but I really hope she has a better day than yesterday… more on that later. 


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