Obla-Di, Obla-Da

A guy I WAS dating, called my kid an obstacle tonight. Well that and one other thing that I’ll talk about, another time. 

That’s a first in my dating experience and I was shocked… and offended. 

Not once have I ever viewed my child as an obstacle. Not once have I ever even wished I was any one different than her momma. 

It’s so difficult for me to imagine anyone else thinking of her that way and I was obviously hurt by it. 

So it’s good that he got that out in the open right up front because there’s no way I can ever date anyone who thought of my child that way. 

She’s the center of my world and I expect that she would be a welcome addition into anyone’s life that I chose to let her be in. 

He doesn’t have kids of his own. And maybe that’s the difference. 

Either way, it’s over, and I’m sad. But we’ll talk about that on another day too.

Now it’s time to go snuggle with my beautiful daughter and rub her back while she drifts off into dream land. 



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