Life is Love… and Love is Life…

It’s wonderful what you find when you open your eyes to new ideas… and new people. 

Things seem to have slightly radicalized themselves in my life over the last two weeks. When I opened my mind to new lifestyles and to ways of giving and accepting love, the pieces of my psyche that were constantly in turmoil, due to societies stringent need to force people into these neat little boxes, were finally freed. 

My life has never fit in that box. 

And it probably never will. 

But now, after accepting this about myself, my life is turning all kinds of beautiful. 

I am surrounding myself with like-minded souls. And the love and support I am shown now, far exceeds any other romantic relationship in my past life. 

All the things that I wanted to do, that were just innately part of me, are now finding acceptance and a productive environment in which to be expressed. And it is simply amazing. 

Love is love. And there are so many ways in which a loving and supportive relationship can manifest… I’m so glad that my natural intimacy with both friends and lovers can shine through now. 

It’s liberating. Really. 


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