Be kind

Good friends come in all ages.

I spent a good hour talking to one of my best friend’s daughter about Doctor Who, tonight.

And varying other topics, but mostly Doctor Who. She’s great. So smart. And I don’t know many other Whovians.

It’s funny, because there are certain limitations to our conversations… she’s under 18… but she’s one of the most knowledgeable and intelligent human beings I’ve ever talked to.

It’s important not to discount children.

They are human beings with less knowledge… sometimes a little bit less, sometimes a lot less… sometimes more…

But they’re human beings, who are someday going to be running this world, and they’re not very happy with what we’ve left them.

Wake up. Look around.

Be Kind. To all life.

But especially, be kind to the children.

(Penniemoney… this one’s for you… Love you)


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