Younger Isn’t Always Better

About a week ago I met a 28 year old soccer player from the DR. He is adorably cute, a great kisser, and he seems to have some kind of mild obsession with the whole teacher/student thing.

But of course he does…

Because… as of yesterday, I am 16 years older than he is. I was flattered the first couple dates… but tonight’s date wasn’t as much fun because he asked me to change my TV station. 

I know…  it’s a miniscule thing to be upset about. But, very rarely, if ever, does my daughter give up control of the television when she’s awake and it’s on… so, the couple times I’ve actually managed to stay awake longer than she does to  watch something besides NickJr or Disney are simply glorious.

And it was The Walking Dead! Really? You don’t have the attention span for a 43 minute show?

And… this is why I don’t date younger guys, ladies… well, there might be one good reason to break that rule… sometimes. Grin.

And guys… just a friendly tip… don’t go to your date’s house and ask to change the channel and then wonder why you don’t get invited back… ^^^this is it. This is why.


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