So You Want to Wear a Safety Pin

An exceptionally well written piece that brought a few safety issues to my attention. I’ll still wear my safety pin, but I’m going to be prepared and safe. Please be the same.

What a Witch


Great. This is a necessary behavior in the face of the election of the most overtly racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti- gender and sexual minority candidate in the history of the modern United States. You know the rhetoric of his campaign was wrong. It was the very worst thing about America and you want to do what you can to combat the result. Good. Do that.

But don’t do it without a plan. Because the very last thing a tense situation needs is someone full of good intentions but with no knowledge of de-escalation tactics or self-defense. Your intentions are not a tangible shield. If you don’t make a plan, you will get yourself or the person you are trying to defend very killed.

Let’s avoid that.

So make a plan.

Some of you can stop reading now. You have, or know how to make a plan and you don’t need…

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Rinse. Repeat.

​DS baffles me now that we have electricity…

Tonight: Now that you’re used to these hours, let’s fuck up your sleep cycle up and switch them on you. 

6 months later: Oh, you’re used to these hours now, let’s fuck your sleep cycle again. 


Repeat Infinity.