So it’s Christmas…

And it’s been crazy busy in my life lately, some good, some not good. But either way, it all lead up to this one moment… today it was 7:47 am this morning. 

And then it was over by 8am. 🙂

It’s strange to me how fast a 5 year old child can year through about 30 gifts and her stocking but at least the fun is continuing all day. And, my parents would probably tell you that I was exactly the same way on Christmas morning. 

Part of me is glad for Christmas, I love to see my little girl so happy. Part of me feels that Christmas should happen every day.

And then there’s the part of me that can’t wait to get through the holiday because it’s been about everyone else. It’s such an obligatory holiday. Running this way and that, trying to please every body else… I’m ready to relax. 

Maybe I’ll go to sleep tonight and wake up on January 2… that’s my Christmas wish. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely enjoyed some of the holiday times I’ve spent/am going to spend… some were voluntary, some were for my daughter… those were the ones that exhausted me. 

Some people in my life have never accepted me. Although they claim to love me very much. To some I’m a drama queen… to some I need to get over things and stop being a victim… to some I’m a cold bitch who harbors bigoted views because I won’t accept their hatred of other human beings. 

And to some, I’m a breath of fresh air. 

And those, dear friends, are the people I’m going to try and keep around. 

So have a Blessed Yule, a Happy Hannukah, a Merry Christmas, and a Wonderful Life… ahem… a Wonderful day. 


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