When You’re Too Functional to Have Your Mental Illness Taken Seriously 

So when a “high-functioning” person asks for help or admits to himself and to someone else his struggles, it takes a lot of bravery. These people have worked every single day to build a “normal” world for themselves are terrified of admitting mental illness, and when they finally do and are met with rejection, little understanding and no empathy from a mental health worker, it is devastating.”



You Don’t March for Life

“First of all, good for you. Raise your voices, express your concerns, gather, make signs, do your thing. I won’t call you names. I respect your right to do this, and I respect your conviction.

Second, be clear with your cause. You don’t march for life. You march for the birth of a fetus. Think about this: at what age does this life stop mattering to you? When it’s in the womb, you cry for it, you fight for it, you empathize with it, you march for it.

When it becomes 1 month old, you hope the mother supports it, feeds it, and nurtures it. But you don’t support the mother in this endeavor. You think she should “work hard,” “pull herself up by the bootstraps,” and get by on her $7.25/hr minimum wage job. You vote for those who block legislation to protect its mother from violence, from making the same wage as men, from getting basic healthcare, from getting food stamps and support to care for it.

When it becomes 6 years old, you hope there’s a public school around to teach it. But you vote for those who don’t want to fund public schools. You vote for those who believe our schools are “flushed with cash” yet somehow failing. The wealthier kids that live by it are able to go to different schools, but this fetus is stuck at the public school that is overcrowded, underfunded, and it falls behind in reading and math. You feel bad for it, but you don’t march for it. You mostly blame its single mother for not doing more to be involved in its schooling. “She should do homework with it. She should read to it more. Maybe she should get it a tutor.” But she is working two jobs and barely getting by.”

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Thoughts for Today

Dani has been bugging me for a little brother or sister practically since we moved to the DC metro area. Until today though, I hadn’t really considered it.

Mainly because for my last pregnancy I was  completely alone.

But one of the men I’ve been dating told me today how much he really wanted another child and surprisingly I didn’t balk.

It was actually kind of exciting to think about.

I’ve not quite decided yet, but if I could find a baby daddy who was totally into the whole being a daddy and could promise to be a solid support system both during and after the pregnancy, well, I think I’d definitely love to give Dani a sibling.


I seem to be pretty good at making certain my heart, and my daughter’s, doesn’t get broken anymore. Whenever a man gets too close, well, I just slap a few more layers of bricks on the wall.

Most of my relationships these days last about 2 months. Not that I was ever really long term girlfriend material but my average relationship prior to Montana was about a year.

It’s okay though, I have made one, maybe two if you include his wife, good friends from recent exes. So maybe it was worth it.

And, if you’re poly, there’s always another strong shoulder to cry on… or a soft one if you prefer.

tomorrow go back to being friends

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A group of friends was discussing how supportive their long term mates have been and how lucky they were to have someone like their mates to grow old with.

I wish I could believe that a relationship like that was possible for me but I have so many trust issues with my heart that were only intensified by having a child. Now not only do I have to worry about someone breaking my heart, I have to worry about someone breaking my daughter’s heart too. And his god better protect him if he does hurt my daughter because I will make sure he rues the day he met me.

And aside from countless men who have played with and stepped on my heart, the one man I finally did commit to died of a heart attack 3 weeks after proposing. So, I may be scarred for life.

BUT, no fear… I am actually very comfortable knowing that when I am in a sexual relationship that it isn’t forever… it is just for right now. And I have tons of really great friends (male and female) that I know will be companions for life.

And I have a life mate in a close platonic female friend (she knows everything about me) and when Dani graduates college (if she goes) I will be selling my house and moving to wherever this close friend of mine is because she is the one I want to grow old with.

So I sort of see this friend as you ladies seem to see your husbands (only maybe you have sex? lol).

And I know it is a tough concept but I don’t feel anymore that I have to love one person forever… I have loved many (men and women) and I will love many more.

But I don’t ever expect to marry until I am dying… and only because I don’t want my daughter to have to sign off on the DNR.