Enough is Enough…

One DUI woke me up almost 20 years ago, after which I stopped drinking for years. Fortunately the police were quick to stop me and thanks to the fact that I was a cute, white girl, I got a slap on the wrist and the only thing I was out was about $2,000.

But, this was my wake up call.

I’d driven after drinking many, many times before this night thinking that I was okay to drive. I still think today that it was complete luck that I didn’t kill anyone. And it changed me forever.

Although I do still have an occasional drink, I do not drive until it’s been 2 hours. And if I have more than 2, I stay where I am and/or call a taxi.

I’m sharing the very sad and difficult to read story below because apparently some people did not learn the same lesson I did after a DUI. In fact, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people out there today who have multiple DUIs on their records and they still have their licenses.

And they STILL get behind the wheel and drive. One such man, Craig Maker has FOUR DUIs and a current driver’s license and thus got behind the wheel, drunk yet again, and took a four year old’s mom away from her forever.

So when is this going to stop?!?!

I understand one mistake, I made it myself when I was young and stupid. And I was EXTREMELY lucky that I didn’t hurt or kill anyone.

It’s not fair that this little four year old girl will spend the rest of her life without her momma because of a stupid, selfish, ass who thinks only of himself. It’s not fair that her 9 year old sister is in critical condition. It’s not fair that the 18 year old exchange student that was staying with the family is on life support, just waiting for her parents to travel from over seas to say goodbye before they remove her from life support.

And the saddest thing?

If they had taken away this 30 year old’s license after his second or third or FOURTH DUI, maybe this little four year old girl would still have her momma.

Yes, I understand mistakes. I do.

But the fourth time you do something, it is no longer a mistake.

I’m not sure what the answer is here but it’s definitely something we need to talk about. It’s definitely something we need to stop.

If anyone wants to donate to the victims to help pay funeral and medical expenses, here’s a link:

Memorial for Mandy Starkey-Carson

Records show Oklahoma man arrested for DUI following deadly NYE crash has pleaded guilty to DUI 4 times before


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