Let’s Talk About Tampons

I know. I know. Menstration… ewww.

So taboo that almost every single woman goes through it 12-13 times a year for approximately 50 years of her life.

Right. I get it. Gross.

You do realize that it is THE MAIN reason that our species continues?

Anyway, my new FSA (Flexible Spending Account), which is money that is squirrel-ed away pre-tax for medical expenses that are incurred throughout the year, sent me a list of what I could and could not buy with my pre-tax dollars. And it was quite  interesting to find out that my luxury taxed tampons (and other menstrual products) are also not considered medically necessary. 

Yes. Women CHOOSE cramps every month. Got it.

Now, Bandaids and first aid kits and other things to stop bleeding that is non-menstrual related? Well, I can buy the hell out of those… as many as I want.

And condoms. I can buy a crap-ton of those, too.

Just something to think about.


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