Sleepy Kitty 

I took this stupid Facebook quiz one time about which character from The Big Bang Theory I was most like… not something I usually do because those stupid quizzes are one of the main ways your Facebook accounts get hacked, if you didn’t already know.

Anyway, this quiz, surprisingly, at the time, pegged me as Sheldon.

Wait? What?

I mean, I knew I wasn’t Penny… maybe one of the other ladies from the show and/or Raj (except for the cooking thing).. but Sheldon?

It’s been a few weeks, at least, since I took that test and I’ve watched a couple TBBT throwback episodes since then and I can’t help but thinking, Sheldon and I may be more similar that I want to admit.

I don’t at all consent to the idea that my IQ and analytical skills are up in the same genius level category as Sheldon Cooper… but, I, uhm, see now, some other striking similarities.

1. The Spot – Although I won’t, intentionally, stand over you, making you uncomfortable, and repeat “You’re in my spot.” until you move… I’ve been told that I look very uncomfortable  when I don’t get to sit in one of my two spots in my living room and I most definitely FEEL uncomfortable if I’m not in one of them… but I will, try, to tolerate it for guests.

Oh, and after your 3rd visit to my house, you are no longer a guest… get your own drink, help yourself to food, do your laundry, and don’t sit in both my spots.

And yes, that’s the other difference, I have a new sofa, so both ends are still firm yet comfortable and away from the drafty windows… so TWO spots.

2. The Logical Mind – Again, not claiming to be a genius, but I chose computer programming for a reason… it was challenging yet something I was very good at, my brain kind of thinks in zeros and ones – either it is or it isn’t,  and I completely believe that there is an explaination, and a solution, for every possible problem. It just depends on whether the programmer wants to sink the required time in for the solution.

Of course, there are ways of making it worth her while… hint, hint…

And,  no, I’m not going to solve the mysteries of the universe using theoretical physics like Sheldon probably will… but my brain thinks like a computer, not fully capable of understanding social norms and definitely not able to make sense of them. It’s either right or it’s wrong. It’s either fair or it’s not.

Yes, I know shades of gray exist with human beings, but people are so much more complex than computers, which, again, boil it all down to zeros and ones. Every. Last. Thing.

3. The Social Awkwardness – Sheldon has this wonderfully humorous way of inserting his foot into his mouth and then looking around the room wondering what the heck everyone’s so appauled or confused by that he ponders it for days.

I don’t necessarily ponder how other people react to me anymore but unless I am in a safe place, with at least one other person I feel completely comfortable with, I suck at social interactions and at picking up on social cues… another Sheldon thing.

4. The love of the song “Soft Kitty” being sung to me when I am sick – this one speaks for itself, although I make an exception for Dani and sing it to her whenever she wants.

“Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur

Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr, Purr, Purr”


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