Of Course They Did

WTF did “we” think was going to happen to our birth control and free well visits after the way “we” voted? Of course all this got reverted.

Tampons and other menstrual products are fucking taxed as a luxury item for crying out loud. It sucks, but THE only thing that is going to be covered now medically for women will be pharmaceuticals, lab tests, and treatment that is also necessary for men.

That means our yearly PAP smears will go back to costing $180… IF you have insurance. Birth control pills, which also treat a number of OTHER medical conditions, well $30-$120 a month.  Men can’t get pregnant and don’t have periods so, nope… not medically necessary for women since it’s not a medical necessity for men…

And yes, you are right… women CHOOSE to bleed every month.

You know what? Maybe women should just stop wearing tampons and pads and men will get tired of seeing our bloody back sides… then maybe they’ll stop thinking of menstrual products as luxury items.

And hey, it’s nice to know my yearly prostate exams will be covered at full well care costs. Oh, and that my viagra will be covered so that my penis can still get erect.

Fuck you.




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