The Ultimate Girl Power

Today was supposed to be a huge day for me… it’s the day of the women’s protest march on DC. I’m not going to get into why ithe is a huge deal or what it represents because those who “get it”, get it… and those who don’t,  well,  don’t.

Unfortunately, I’m home with a kid who has her first taste of what a strep infection does to the body, and mommy duties come first.

And that’s the thing, because our new president would see me as weak today… as a drain on the society he thrives in. Which isn’t true.

Yes, women have traditionally taken on the care giver role in our society.

Yes, that means that sometimes women miss doing things they want to do, things they should be doing.

But one thing about women?

We work well as a team. In the incredible span of time that human beings have been on this earth, women have learned to work collectively as a whole, practically behind the scenes, to further, and better, our species.

So yes, I’m going to stay home with my sick kid today, but my sisters will be letting our new president know that women will not remain silent anymore.

That we have earned our place in this society as equals.

That we are capable of making decisions for ourselves and our bodies without the “assistance” or “guidance” of a man.

That we have been the life givers, the caregivers, the nursemaides, and the executive branch of our families since the dawn of human kind.

Women are what keep our country and our families together. We are strong. We are a force to be reckoned with. And, we are united in this.

So, today, my sisters (and honorary sisters) my thoughts are with you. Because even though you planned this to be a peaceful rally, there are some people who won’t be and I wish for your safety most of all. There are some people who think that women aren’t full human beings, so it won’t matter to them how much they hurt you, physically or otherwise.

Hopefully today will change that for a few people. Hopefully.

Because, as Margaret Mead once said…


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