Get Over It

I’m really tired of hearing “Get over it”.

Yes, we elected a president. One that I never thought would make it. One that I thought was only running as a joke or to ensure Hillary’s election.

But it wasn’t just a bad joke.

And this is what you get when you elect someone who makes fun of someone who is disabled on national tv.

Now, I don’t know about you, but on top of everything else that I detest about this man, this is where I draw the line. And I’m not sure why more of you didn’t.

I suppose that making fun of disabled persons is moot for you.

I suppose that when your child becomes a bully that you will say “it’s just a phase” or “boys will be boys”.

I’m sad to say that it’s not a phase anymore. We now have a bully for a president which means that, well, now your kids are going to see our bully in charge and think it’s an acceptable way to behave.

And you making excuses about jobs or money or what-the-fuck other excuse you used to justify your vote for this man just drops my level of respect down to nothing for you.

I can’t get past it. And I won’t.

Our president is not a proper role model… for anyone.

And I’m going to keep pointing it out.

So… you get over it.


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