A Good Day

I love the days I get to drop Dani off at school. I only usually get to do this one day a week, my work from home day, but I truly cherish walking her to the door and seeing her off on her day. 

She usually tells me to watch her walk into school, and that’s the best part because I know one day… probably sooner than I expect… she’s going to tell me NOT to watch her do things anymore. 


4 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. Hey, my friend!

    You know, my son has always had that same heart as Dani. He’s a healer, was there for the underdog that was being picked on, he helped the disabled and still does, with me at home. I think there was only one year where he was embarrassed to give me a kiss on the cheek before he went in to his tiny school (very tiny at that time). If I remember right…I believe it was around 3rd grade. That whole year was awkward for him….a mess in general. I had taken him off Stratera, his ADD meds. He was sooo thin, and walked around like a zombie when he was on it. Horrible stuff! Anyhow, even though he wasn’t hyper or disruptive, he wasn’t picking up on some things that his teacher thought he should be getting faster. (Mind you, he has learning disabilities from having bad carbon monoxide poisoning as a newborn) Anyway, the teacher complained to the principle and social worker that she simply couldn’t go over the topic for Jesse more than once and that he needed his meds again. They quite literally forced us to put him back on ADD meds or told us he would not be allowed to come back to the entire school district until he was medicated again as they were under staffed and over worked. I would have home schooled him but I have my own issues with learning disabilies. But we did change the med altogether and he did do better in the end.)

    Ha, short story made way too long…
    With Jesse, the embarrassment went away. His heart is just too big and he couldn’t stand it. We’ve always been so close, i think he needed that reminder before he faced that school everyday. The following year he would not only give me a peck on the cheek but a great big hug too. And if he forgot to tell me he loved me before he got out, he’d soon come back, open the door and while standing on the sidewalk, announce that he loves me.

    I think he realized that he was much bigger than anyone else in that school, so what were they going to do about it anyway?

    And even today, now that he’s an adult, we have this secret little hand holding that we do. We grasp hands and squeeze each other’s hand 3 times at the same time. Which means “I love you”.

    Our bond is unbreakable. So is yours with Dani. We are so very blessed with our kids, Boni. And I know we are both extremely grateful to have been given the best gift in the whole world to those best kids ever.

    If Daniel error decides she doesn’t want you to watch her anymore….don’t worry, she’ll come up with something even cooler…or you will. Xo

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