Not Crowley 

Last week I started talking to a guy on a dating site and the only reason I responded was because his photo was of someone I am especially fond of… or I am, at least, especially fond of one of the characters he plays on TV… which would be Crowley – the King of Hell, from the long running show, Supernatural.

Now, I broke a lot of my own rules when I responded because, not only did he not have a real photo of himself posted, he was under my age cut-off and hadn’t really said much on his profile. But, his profile photo was of Mark Sheppard so I went ahead and responded…

After messaging through the app for a couple days about Supernatural and what a great show it was and how much I love Crowley,  I gave him my cell number and told me to send a photo of himself…

And then, THIS happened…

He hasn’t since responded… <grin>


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