Love Doesn’t Have to Work Like That

I’m not sure exactly where human beings started putting restraints on romantic love… well, I guess they always have… even in parental love, the “bad ones” sometimes have conditions for their love…

So, why can’t we, the “good lovers” just think about romantic love the same way we do parental love?

As in, our love for our child/children only grows with the addition of another child… there are no limits to how many of our own children we can love… so why put this limit on other types of love?

Well, really we don’t… we only put those restrictions on one type… romantic love.

How many best friends do you have? If you are like me, you have a few people in your life who keep you grounded… and they are all your “best” friends…

So why is romantic love the only love we put this “I can only love one person this way at any given time” kind of restriction on?

Because it’s not true… we can love more than one person romantically.

I will always love Dennis. No one can or will ever replace that.

But my love for Dennis doesn’t nullify the love I still feel for several of my ex-romantic partners… nor does it deter the love I feel for one or two of my current romantic partners…

Now THAT’s the way love works.

The limits of how many other persons one person can love is infinite… times infinity…



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